About Advanced Living Solutions

Health is wealth! This mainstream maxim isn’t a maxim anymore, it’s a lifestyle! With globalization and depreciation of our planet Earth, living a healthy and environmentally friendly life has become a priority for most. This is why Advanced Living Solutions is the primary choice; we seek to provide our customers with the latest solutions necessary in helping them achieve their desired lifestyle targeting every specific need, from home, office, commercial venture, And even to Industrial ventures. Advanced Living Solutions is dedicated in bringing its clients premiere quality, both in service and solutions. We at Advanced Living Solutions believe that clients are both aware of and eager to help improve not only the environment they live in, but also the quality of life and health for them and their families. To understand and comprehend the diverse needs of our clients, our research and development team is unceasingly searching for new products and services in global market which may fit our client’s unique requirements. Customer satisfaction has always remained our core focus and quality is our trademark; to ensure both we have experienced, highly qualified, accurately trained and certified people in our team who work round the clock, to ensure highest level of service and advice. With a 20 year successful track record, and a professional and committed team to deliver top quality products and solutions with unparalleled service, Advanced Living Solutions is the company for you. We are a Services and Solutions Company Providing wholesome Water Filtration Solutions. We proffer a wide range of Sediment Filtration, Innovative Tank Cleaning Systems, Central Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems, Ultra Filtration (UF) Systems, Dispensing, Cooling Systems, Solar Power Water Heating System, Sewage Treatment System, AC and Outdoor Misting Systems, Different Water Pumps, Swimming Pool Equipments, and Ionization Systems. In addition to these, we also provide complete Central Vacuum Systems, Health and Safety Solutions, Home Automation Services and General Facility Maintenance.

Mission and Vision


To be the solution provider of choice for customers who value quality solutions coupled with the highest standards of customer service, while having a positive impact on the community by enhancing health and preserving our environment.


To provide healthy, environmentally responsible, efficient and innovative technologies to our clients in order to ease and modernize their lifestyle.

About The Team

We are a multi-national employee’s service providing organization. At Advanced Living Solutions, we have a team of in-house Technicians, Administrators, Business Development Executives, and Managers working towards a common goal of providing formidable solutions and unrivaled service to all clients based on the holistic approach of problem solving.

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Our focus is on Healthy, environmentally friendly solutions with cost savings, so all can benefit! See what you are drinking and what you can be drinking.