Good health is paramount, and it is everyone’s objective to help achieve a healthy mind and body for oneself, family, loved ones, staff and co-workers. Here, at Advanced Living Solutions, the driving force behind all of our products is to help you achieve just that. Our focus is on providing you with industry tested and most innovative technologies available to create a healthy and safe living and work environment. In this post COVID-19 world, we seek to provide you with the best solutions that will ensure safety and peace of mind, and also fall within the mandated guidelines and recommendations of the leading global and local health authorities. Below are some of our selected products that help you achieve this.

FAR UVC-222 nm

A Better Disinfection Solution for Occupied Spaces! SAFE TO HUMAN EXPOSURE BUT STILL EFFECTIVE AGAINST MICROBES....

UVC 254 nm with Ozone

UVC Sterilization Lamp is very effective in eradicating pathogens in the air, surface and water...

UVC 254 nm without Ozone

Ultraviolet-C is one type of ultraviolet radiation, which is an invisible form of light energy that can cause damage to living tissues...
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Our focus is on Healthy, environmentally friendly solutions with cost savings, so all can benefit! See what you are drinking and what you can be drinking.