FAR UVC-222 nm


Though older types of UVC such as UVC – 254 nanometers light is great and effective for disinfection, the biggest challenge is that they can only be used in the absence of people.

Only Far-UVC, which is filtered by a special optical bandpass filter for the rest of the harmful wavelengths, is safe for humans, which it’s a new disinfecting light source, a breakthrough in Ultraviolet Technology. A Better Disinfection Solution for Occupied Spaces! SAFE TO HUMAN EXPOSURE BUT STILL EFFECTIVE AGAINST MICROBES.


Disinfecting indoor air with far-UVC light is a new approach to safely and efficiently destroy airborne viruses in occupied spaces, including the viruses that cause COVID and influenza. Available with, Design, Installation, Service Maintenance and One-year Warranty. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) can be renewed annually.




Far-UVC (wavelength around 222 nanometers) is superior to UV-C (around 254 nm) for disinfection in the following ways:



– More efficient at low dose rates.
– Much faster than UVC – kills pathogens in seconds vs. minutes
– Higher absorption rate in bacteria and viruses.
– Safer for use around humans because it cannot penetrate skin or eyes.

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