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Sediment and Carbon Filter

Sediment and carbon filters entail sediment filters with filtration up to 5 – 20-micron filters solids from water. These sediment filters are specifically designed to remove suspended solid particles, also known as sediment, turbidity, dregs or particulate as these settles at the bottom of the liquid. The main function of the sediment filter is to act like a safety net that catches the unwanted dirt particles as water passes through the system. The particulates get separated and carbon filter removes the sediment. Activated carbon is known as the purifying material and removes all herbicides and pesticides along with other identified organic components as chlorine which affect the aesthetic quality of the water, VOCS (volatile organic compounds) as these components are fatal for the body, and further lend unpleasant odor whilst forge the water taste. These filters containing activated carbon are made through a special manufacturing process that creates more bonding sites making it more vigilant in catching harmful particulates and thus purifying water.

Residential and Commercial Sediment and Carbon Filtration System

For residential and commercial purposes, the sediment and carbon filtration system have the capacity of 10 GPM to 1,000 GPM (gallons per minute). The system is meticulously designed in such a way that there are different inlet and outlet sizes (The diameter of the pipe and flow rate) depending on client’s requirements. It is usually installed before the main tank and roof tank with an option of UV (ultraviolet) sterilizer which is an important and perhaps the most effective method to kill harmful germs.  It is available in different models depending on the flow rate and the pressure requirement.


It comes along with features such as design, installation, service maintenance and one-year warranty along with AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) which can be renewed annually.

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