A water chiller is a Domestic Water Refrigeration Machine that cools domestic storage tanks. This system is specially designed to ensure a steady preset water temperature constant 24/7 by circulating the water in and out of the chiller unit and the storage tank especially in summer seasons to ensure comfort for the households. These are Heavy Duty Tropicalized Compressors specifically designed for our region with Integrated Centrifugal Circulation Pumps which are generously sized along with 3-sided Copper Tube or Aluminum-finned Air-cooled Condensers. These are made up of Stainless-Steel Brazed Tubes and Heat Exchangers which ensure high efficiency. These also have Heavier Frame Construction as they are made from heavy Gauge Galvanized steel, epoxy powder coated for extra corrosion resistant which provides greater resistance to shipping & handling. These are suitable for both open & closed fluid Circuits

The Acoustic-Composite Axial Discharge Fans keeps the noise levels low and increase efficiency.

This sounds complex but these have easy maintenance access because of their attached temperature control mechanism. It can be operated manually with an adjustable temperature from 10 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius with an additional feature of adjustable time-delay switch. It comes with different varieties depending on the storage tank size. Inclusive of Design, Installation, Service Maintenance and one-year warranty, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) contract can be renewed annually.

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