Commercial installations

  • SIEMENS induction turbines have neither ports in
    connection nor transmissions. The motors involved are
    three-phase induction with side-channel blowing engine.
    The average rotation speed is 2,850 rpm (revolutions
    per minute], in contrast to 20,000 rpm of a traditional
    single-phase motors. This difference means that there is
    much lower stress for the shafts and bearings. The motor
    is powered by induction: there are no carbon brushes,
    sparks, or other components in friction. These motors do
    not need maintenance, they were developed for professional
    use and they are routinely used by industries
    for continuous duty (24 hours, every day) with reliable
    characteristics. These motors cannot be compared with
    a traditional vacuum system and they ore the highest
    technology on the market.


  • STAR FILTER mode of special polyester cloth with high
    withholding properties which is one of the most highly
    appreciated components of the DISAN system. All the
    industrial vacuum units use this type of filter, it combines
    a high withholding of micro dust with easy-cleaning.
    Cleaning can be accomplished by shaking or machine
    washing. Different filter medium are available to provide
    required BIA. The optional and recommended self-cleaning
    system always maintains the maximum efficiency. This
    system automatically cleans the filler at pre-programmed
    intervals (typically once per day). The filter chamber has
    a large surface and so it is easily inspectional.


  • The motors con be equipped with an ELECTRONIC INVERTER
    so the motor can automatically adopt the power
    (and the consumption) according to the number of simultaneous
    operators and the filtering surface efficiency. An
    electronic transducer for vacuum measurement located
    in the central unit maintains the optimal operative vacuum
    level (Default 140mbar, 56inH20). When the
    vacuum is too high the system lowers the motor rpm and
    as a result the power consumption is reduced. When the
    vacuum is too tow Ihe system increases the motor rpm
    and increases the vacuum level and airflow. Electromagnetic
    shielding type B (for private applications) and is
    provided with certificate to ovoid electromagnetic interference
    issues. The prime advantage of the inverter is an
    economical way to proportion electric power consumption
    to the ever changing system needs.


  • ELECTRIC CONTROL BOX is provided with
    IP55 safety degree, in accordance with CEI.
    Magnetic-thermal protection, control display, selector
    switch for automatic or manual, and startriangle
    starting for motors with more than 2.2
    kW are also provided for operational control.


    The advantoge of a programmable
    control system is that it allows
    to control and modification of the
    motor power. Furthermore can
    display trouble alerts. The PLC (Programmable Logic Circuits)
    card used is a Siemens S7200, which interfaces
    with a Profibus protocol so that it could be integrated
    with a pre-existing bus network. As an option it provides
    a “touch screen” system control away from the power
    and filtering units.


  • DUST CONTAINER with cushioned fasteners for on
    airtight and easy closure. High capacity dust container
    in ABS: it requires to be emptied out only once/twice a
    year. The check level window permits one to check when
    the single use plastic bag must be replaced. The collect
    and the elimination of the dust can be done without any
    contact and by using the wheels. The optional system of
    compensation pressure at the dust container is available.


  • CONNECTION ELEMENTS and mounting elements ore always included The DISAN central units ore always
    furnished complete to be installed without the necessity to buy collectors, couplings, or other installation materials
    The great advantage of the central units with electronic control is that they are always ready for the
    starting simply by connecting the plug at the current network All the connection couplings at the solid piping
    (me ore anti-vibration and adjustable.
    OPEN FRAME steet motor mounts ore for maximum dissipation of heat. The opened (rome does not imply o
    higher sound level as 90% of the sound is from the exhaust (discharge). The system is provided with a exhaust
    silencer to minimize sound level The largest advantage of the open frame is the increase in thermal dissipation,
    the increase in performance efficiency, and cancellation of the risk of motor fusion The motors, are on fixed
    basis at tower mounting for space saving