There are many types of filters for various uses, our selected offerings are:

  • Sediment filters: Used mainly for when the water source is not a major concern; meaning if the filtered water is not specifically for drinking / cooking. Uses are for the entire house / garden. Sediment filters remove sediment before they accumulate in the tanks, deteriorating the water texture and quality as well as contributing to the eventual erosion of the actual tanks & pumps, and it also removes chlorine before use in the showers, brushing your teeth, washing your face/ hands.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Although this process is not the most efficient in terms of speed and amount of filtered water created (since it does have significant amount of wastewater), however, the result cannot be argued! When put through our selected several stage filter the outcome is pure water. This water is so pure that we actually recommend reconstituting minerals to it that are beneficial to both individual taste and health.
  • Mineral / Alkaline Filters: Mainly used after using Reverse Osmosis, in order to add back beneficial minerals in the case of the mineral filter. The Alkaline filter will create an optimal PH level, which should be between 7-9, to counteract the acidic buildup in the human body. Both of these can be used as standalone on any water source you have in order to enhance the quality of water you drink.