Central Vacuum

What is central vacuum cleaner?

It’s really very simple. A powerful unit is fixed in a suitable location outside the normal living area (such as a garage, basement or out house). It is connected by a simple network of PVC pipes to the vacuum sockets in the house which are similar in size to electrical sockets. Each socket provides cleaning for several rooms.

Easy to use

Vacuum cleaning can be done without the need pull a heavy, portable vacuum cleaner around with you. All you have to carry is a lightweight flexible hose.

More Hygienic

All the dust is taken out to the dust container and the air is exhausted outside. No more recirculated dust or musty smells after cleaning.  Houses stay cleaner and dust allergies are no longer a nuisance.

More Powerful

With central vacuum cleaner, the motor and fan are fixed in a remote position, which means it is possible to have a more powerful motor.

This produces much more suction. More suction means more penetrating cleaning so you can clean more thoroughly in less time.


Because a Central Vacuum Cleaner is fitted away from the normal living area, you can listen to the radio, talk on the phone, and even hear the doorbell while you are vacuuming.

More Efficient

A Central Vacuum System cleans more thoroughly and more quickly. The wide range of tools are attachments means you can clean everything from houses to horses and cars to computers.

More Economical

An almost maintenance-free system which will last for many years. The superior cyclone filtration means that there are no more dust bags to buy.