What is Ionized Water

Because the process of electrolyzing the water creates smaller groups of water molecules in the alkaline or ionized water, it is much more easily accepted into the individual cells of the body.  This means that the hydration capacity of this type of water is in the vicinity of three to six times that of other water types.  It can be very helpful in reversing the dehydration process very quickly.  In addition, the ionization process allows the water to help the blood carry and deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Because of the elements that are separated into this alkaline water, it tends to have greater antioxidant properties than regular tap water.  Antioxidants are beneficial because they can help to eradicate the free radicals that are often found in our bodies as byproducts of the food we eat and natural bodily functions.  By eliminating these free radicals and other toxins, ionized water can help to improve our overall health.